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29 Oct

Okay! This morning my mother woke me up to tell me that all SAS flights to America were cancelled because of the storm on the east coast. I was so afraid I would have to wait even longer before ¬†I could go to Disney World, however it turned out that the storm was heading for Washington D.C and away from Florida, so I think it will be fine ūüėÄ This evening I fly to Oslo because that is the only way I will make the early morning plane on Tuesday. Almost done packing now so hopefully I will be fine. The only thing is sorting out the rest of my papers, I have not put them in order yet :/ Photos will follow…I think ūüėÄ


One Week to Go!

23 Oct

SO! Now there is only one week until departure and then I will spend a year in a foreign country…and to be honest I’m freaking out a little bit. I’m sure it will all be fine once I’ve settled in, however for now I will allow myself to panic just a little. I have started packing but I do not really have any clothes that fit such a hot climate… The hardest part is packing all my remaining belongings in boxes so my parents can use my bedroom as a guest room the¬†coming¬†year D: It does not feel like my room anymore. Anywhooo I can hardly wait to see my new¬†accommodations and visit the WDW park and the Epcot centre.

More (and better) updates will follow once I am properly installed in Disneys¬†apartments ūüėÄ

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Why am I here?

18 Oct

I’m creating this blog mainly as a diary for myself so that I will have something to look back at when this year is over. It is a way to collect memories, almost like a photo album. What memories? Well, I am going to Florida to work at the Norwegian Pavilion at the Epcot Center and I am really excited. This is a completely new experience and although I will only be standing behind a counter selling Norwegian products, I will also be representing my culture as well as learning about American culture and meeting lots of new people.

I am, as you might have guessed, from Norway, but I will be writing in English to see if I can improve both my written and oral English during this year in America(so please forgive any spelling errors and the like ^^’).

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • ¬†Making new friends
  • ¬†Meeting people from all over the world
  • ¬†Living in a foreign country
  • ¬†Tasting American candy that I have seen on several “Sitcoms” during my life :B
  • ¬†Sunbathing! (I’m paler than a white sheet D:)
  • ¬†Learning new English words and phrases
  • ¬†Wearing summer clothes when I would usually be wearing wool EVERYTHING.
  • ¬†Meeting Disney Characters
  • ¬†I would REALLY LOVE to meet someone who have been drawing Disney films as it was once my dream to be a Disney artist… well now they only make animated movies on computers so… They’re great, mind you, but I really like the hand drawn ones ‚̧

Things I see as a bit of a challenge:

  • ¬†Very little time to spend alone (sometimes you HAVE to have some time to think)
  • ¬†Living in a foreign country
  • ¬†Tight economy
  • ¬†Making dinner every day ūüėÄ (I can only cook three dishes or something)
  • ¬†Little time to be creative and draw??? D:
  • ¬†Not seeing my family
  • ¬†Doing laundry

But you know, I’ll make it! You learn as you go right?View Post

It is now 12 days until my departure/arrival day and tomorrow I start packing my suitcase. One suitcase for a whole year…woohoo!
This is almost like travelling to Wonderland/Neverland, I think, because I have always LOVED Disney and America is probably one of the places in the world I know least about so “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” seems like a good description of where I’m going ;D

Wish me luck!



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