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Feeling a little better, but not well :C

29 Nov

Today was my first day off, and I am still sick :C Hoping and praying and working on getting well for tomorrow so that I can go to Universal Studios. Making the best of it though, watching LOTR extended edition, drinking tea, chillaxing ^-^ But yeah…It pretty much sucks to be ill in the US. First of all I can not afford to be sick for more than a day, and I can not really afford going to the doctor either. It is also no fun at all as I have no one to feel sorry for me, other than myself :B

My spirit is a little down today to say the least. I was so tired earlier today that I almost started crying when my pillow fell on the floor because I had to roll out of bed and get it…

I hope I will have better news for you tomorrow, and pictures from Universal 😉 I want to meet   Captain America and Spider-man so keep a look out for pictures tomorrow ^-^ That is if I get to go :C


sick picture: 


Briefest update yet…

28 Nov

I’m sick, but it is the last day of my week, before my weekend, so I’m going, even if I die trying. :sick:

thank you, have a good day.


Winter-not-so-Formal and other random stuff :)

28 Nov

Today Disney was holding a Winter Formal for its employees from 8 pm-12.30 am. I got off work at 10:00 so I only stopped by to get some free food…yes, I’m living on small wages here, so free food is a good thing XD There was chicken and pasta and nachos and dessert: fruit and pretzels and spongecake with chocolate sauce on top. Omnomnom! Thing is that since we were allowed to come straight from work, quite a few of us attending were still in our costumes at the ball, some were in red-carpet-dresses, and others in normal party clothes, so I did not think it was THAT formal…

:iconlachoirplz:(don’t you just love this choir of “la”? :B

I also met my new Japanese friend at the bus stop today, and she remembered me, so that is a good sign, will definitely stop by the Japanese pavilion on Thursday. On Friday, Daniel and I are going to Universal together so I will have someone to take the roller-coasters with, and someone to take pictures of me in Harry Potter World, and Super Hero Island. I’m really excited about that!


Also, what I forgot to mention two days ago is that on the bus on my way to work I tried to listen to One Direction’s new album on Youtube, because I have not bought it yet (:noes:)! Anyway, the point is that I was not able to because the internet was so slow, and then the girl sitting next to me tapped my shoulder and pointed to her I-phone. While I had been searching on youtube, she had found her dual plug for headphones and she took my earphones and plugged them into her I-phone where she had their ENTIRE new album! I was so happy and overwhelmed by this sudden kindness, and we sat there mimicking the songs and dancing along (while still in our seats of course) with the occasional odd look from a fellow bus-passenger. It was so nice to find a fellow Directioner, and that was the best bus ride so far :woohoo:

Thank you and good night! XX

Good bye Freddie!

27 Nov

Today one of the German girls I have gotten to know best told me she is leaving the WDW program.


It is really sad, however she does not really like it here so I guess it is best for her to go home. It is just really uncool because I’m going to miss her terribly. Frederike you will be sorely missed ❤ I just wish we had gotten more time to spend together. I’ll come visit you in Germany as soon as my program is over though, sweetie!


Tomorrow we’ll all (everyone in our group) meet at Panera and have a “good bye-breakfast” for Freddie, should be nice, but sad…

Miss you already Frederike :hug:

Today I ate meat for dinner for the first time since I’ve been here, tasted good :B


What I miss about home so far: 

-My Harry Potter collection

-My Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy 

-My cat, Shadow



-Any change in the weather, really :dummy:


-My bed

-Mum’s home-cooked food


-(obviously) my friends and family!

But is it unbearable? NO! Shrug

I’m glad to say that I am doing a lot better than I thought. I’m still not sure if I’ll stay for the whole program, or if I should go home at the end of July so I can begin my studies, we’ll see. I’m now going to stop talking about things that do not interest youYou talk too much!

Time to go to bed. See you! XX:blowkiss:


Just my luck D:

26 Nov

Guess who walked through the Norwegian pavilion today, a really cool person that I of course did NOT see :C Oh you know just FREAKING NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!! O_o! And I did not see him! He walked RIGHT past me and I did not see him because I was THAT dedicated to the task I was doing to notice anything else. That is just my luck!


I do not own this picture!

I guess you cannot have everything :C

Moving on! Today we celebrated Franzi’s birthday 😀 she is one of the German girls, and she turned 19, yay! She is really sweet, and the boys seem to like her, because we went to a club  in Downtown Disney, called “House of Blues”, and the boys just kept going up to her and ask if she wanted to dance. 😀 I think she had a good time. I did have a good time as well, none of the people in our group had more then one drink, and most of us did not have any, so there was no drinking pressure. I like that :B The time is now three thirty in the morning…and I’m going to bed 😉 See ya, love ya, miss ya <3<3<3

Good day at work :)

25 Nov

Not much to say about today (other than “That rhymed”) -__-”

I started a quarter to four, and was supposed to be done at half past ten, however I got Early Release, and got to go home at ten 😀 Yay! Thank you awesome manger ❤ Also, she let us watch the fireworks at half past nine when we should be locking up the store. So that was TWO good things that happened. The third good thing was that the “manager over all managers” came by the store today and said that the new “Test Track”- ride was open and…wait for it…

…She told us we could go in pairs and test it! :B YAY! I just got PAID for going on a ride IN my costume, which is a “Bunad” (Norwegian national costume), I repeat PAID to skip work for about half an hour! I love our managers ^-^ ❤ THANK YOU! It was exactly what I needed because I was yawning every other minute. And it was a good ride too so I felt very refreshed afterwards :la:

Then the annoying part is that I’m double booked tomorrow after work :C I thought I was celebrating a friend’s birthday today, and then I would stay in for a girls movie night with my flat-mates tomorrow…turns out, the birthday is tomorrow, so i have to choose :C I want to do BOTH! :noes:

I do not know what to do other than maybe clone myself? :clone:

Anyway, I wish you all a good day(Norway) and the rest a great night! Go out and party hard for two, that way I do not have to…

Best Roomie ever? Very possible :D

23 Nov



Today when I came home from the grocery store I found a One Direction T-shirt on my bed! IIiiiiiii! Well, being the pessimistic person that I tend to be…I assumed one of the others in the house had bought it for themselves and put it on my bed to show off(I know, I know, I think the worst about people sometimes). Anyway, I turn to my room mate, and she had this expectant look on her face, so I carefully ask her: “Did you buy that for ME?” AND SHE HAD! Today is Black Friday you see, which means that about everything is on sale (except food), and she went shopping at midnight. She saw that the 1D-shirt was on sale and so she bought it for me and said it was a “Sorry for always coming in late and waking you, or never coming home and forgetting to turn my alarm off so that it wakes you early in the morning and you are unable to turn it off because you do not know the code”-gift O_o Which is crazy, because I fall right back asleep so I do not care if she comes home late. I have to admit that the alarm going off is a little annoying though. It is on her I-phone, so it just snoozes and goes off every five minutes or so…But now I definitely do not CARE because I got a 1D T-shirt 😀 😀 😀

Super happity clappity awesome day? I think so!

THANK YOU COURTNEY! I’ve just met you, and I love you! – Dog(from UP)

Also, what I want for Christmas this year is:


-Norwegian cheese slicer

– Anything Harry Potter

– Anything One Direction (Another doodleart cut out)

– Christmas letters from everyone back home(this is the best gift, because it is cheaper to send a letter than a gift, and it warms my heart)

I’ll promote myself a little here: Check out my dA-gallery? :B) 


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