Costumes and Discovery!

6 Nov

Yesterday I got my costume! It is actually really nice, I’ll have someone take a picture of me later. :B Also, I mentioned receiving my name tag/badge, so here is a picture!


SO! Here you see my name, and it says that I speak Norwegian, I think I will ask them to add Swedish and Danish, just because I do understand those two languages as well, and think I can make myself understood 🙂 Anyway! That red tag at the bottom that says “Earning My Ears” is going to help me in the beginning. It is a way for guests to know that I’m a rookie, and they might be a little more patient when I’m trying to help them. After a week or two of training, (whenever I feel ready) I will rip off the label, and I will officially have “Earned My Ears”. Then I will be a cast member like all the others, however I have been told that we are “on probation” for the first three months, so It is important to not be late during these first months. Tomorrow,…or later today really :S, I’m going to have my “Discovery”class. That basically means that we will be walking around the Epcot Center, noting where each pavilion is located, and learning a little about what the different countries’ pavilions offer our guests. This way it will be easier for us to assist customers who are looking for a particular attraction or country. We have to wear professional wear, which basically means shirt and dress-pants with really ugly, black shoes. The problem is, I did not get the chance to break them in before my first day of training, so I have got really bad blisters on my right foot D: AND I have to wear these shoes tomorrow when we will be walking all day O_e…should be fun. I had already bought dress shoes, however they have got a heel, so that was not accepted with my costume… I still think I will bring those though, they’re better for my feet.

Later tomorrow we are going to Downtown Disney to watch the Annual Disney Talent show 😀 I had to delete the post for day three btw, because it contained an error that messed up my entire blog -__-” I will just post those pictures on facebook instead :B

Today I bought an I-phone! Yay! Unfortunately I do not have a SIM card yet… have to figure out if I should get a contract w/a phone company or get a prepaid something…??? :S Dad…got any suggestions?

Well… See you all tomorrow! ❤


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