Magic Kingdom

8 Nov

Today one of my new German friends celebrated her 23rd birthday, yay! Therefore, me, another German friend, and a French friend(all girls) went to Magic Kingdom WDW. It was an amazing and magical (duh!) experience. We stareted out at 9 o’clock and finished about 9 o’ clock, so I’ve spent 12 hours in Magic kingdom! 😀 The first thing we did was getting buttons that said “Happy Birthday”(that was Katharina’s), and “Celebrating” the three of us who were accompanying her. I also got a “My First Visit”-button, which I’m really excited about. Because we had a birthday child in our group, we were treated to a free ice cream each, which totally made our day 😉

We went on Splash Mountain(nesten Tømmerrenna(this is Norwegian ;D)), Space Mountain(indoor roller-coaster), several smaller rides, and looked at all the merchandise you could possibly imagine. Because Katharina was wearing her “Happy Birthday”-button, a lot of the park crew sang happy birthday to her, which was very nice.

My favourite part of the day was seeing the Disney castle light up at eight o’clock and meeting Pluto, Marie and Tinkerbell 😀 super stoked!

The entire park is prepared for Christmas now, and it is absolutely stunning! Everyone should go to Disney World during Christmas! (Everyone do!)

I also bought a stuffed animal, because I have not felt the same without my stuffed animals over here :/ I therefore got a Perry the Platypus that…wait for it!…Growls! Yay! it sounds like a Perry who has not yet reached puberty XD or possibly a seasick dolphin.

I have lost my transfer cable for the camera D: (probably fell out of my photo-bag while I was in Magic Kingdom D: D: D: I did not notice though S: I will buy a new cable, hopefully tomorrow so that I can upload my amazing photos for you to see ;P Well, let me just add a picture of Perry the Stuffed Animal, and then I HAVE to go to bed, I’m going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow! YAAAAY! Love y’all!



4 Responses to “Magic Kingdom”

  1. Lucy 08/11/2012 at 09:00 #

    So, you know…I’ll just sit here and pretend that I’m not jealous….cause I’m not…..AT ALL…

    So glad to hear you’re having fun. If Disney World wasn’t so far away and if I was less scared to death of planes I would come visit you asap! Seriously. You have no idea how much I want to do something like what you’re doing right now. But it is scary. Where do you find your courage, you stupid brave person?!?

    I really can’t wait to see your costume 😀
    And some pictures from the park!
    Oh, and if you see him you have to say hi to Stitch from me ❤

    • imightpossiblyneverupdate 09/11/2012 at 09:00 #

      Lucy! ❤ I totally know what you are saying about planes! The courage comes from the everlasting source of Harry Potter World at Universal studios (40 minutes away from here ;D) It keeps me going! I have not been there yet, but I'm gonna buy a year pass there so I can go and buy Harry Potter EVERYTHING whenever I have a day off 😛 I will definitely say "Hi" to Stitch, I'll even throw in a picture if I see him 😀 I hope you are enjoying yourself too, seems like you are ^-^. I am a little scared of starting work tomorrow though, because I do not know how to use the register :S :S However I KNOW I can do it 😉 (If you have the money and pretend that the airplane is a hippogriff or a broomstick or a thestral and feel like going across the pond I will join you to all the parks though :B, don't worry though, no pressure <3) And I SWEAR I'll try to get that cable by tomorrow, and an update from Animal Kingdom too 😀

      • Lucy 09/11/2012 at 09:00 #

        Of course you can do it 😀

        I’m okay, I guess. I love living in Oslo, but I don’t think I’m exactly where i want to be and I’m struggling with deciding what to do next year.

        At some point I have to face my fears and get over that silly little ocean.
        Of course money is always a funny problem. And spare time D:

      • imightpossiblyneverupdate 10/11/2012 at 09:00 #

        yup…funny how money keeps creating problems rather than solving them -___- Well, if it in a consolation I do not have the faintest idea about what I’m doing next year either 🙂 I will probably study illustration and literature though 😉 just to start somewhere 😀 If I see you over here, I see you, if not, well then I’ll see you late next year 😉 ❤ gonna miss you :C

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