The strange things that have happened in the US thus far!

15 Nov

I just though I should inform you guys of some of the rather strange incidents I have witnessed these past 14 days:


14 days ago an old man who was missing some teeth, and had white hair and white beard, came up to me and started talking to me as if he was Santa Claus!  He said: ” Do you want to know why I chose the North Pole for my gift work shop?” “Sure…, why?” “Because at the North Pole there is no time. The time is zero, and so I travel from the north pole and down the longitudes, that is how I get all the packages delivered on Christmas eve in every country.” Then he proceeded to tell me that the little elves that help him get ready each year, are really from Norway, and they swim or go by boat over the ocean up to the north pole. He also told me why he did not choose the South Pole even though that is actually made of solid ground and not ice, however I can not recall the reason :C too bad, I think it was something good.

Anyway, after five minutes of talking as if he was Santa Claus, I began to believe him… although that would mean that Santa is a little crazy and eccentric… but I guess you have to be to keep reindeer who can fly and have little green elves for employees and a workshop in a place that could melt…


I was assisting a man in buying some things when he asked me if the trolls in Norway were bothersome. Then he laughed, which I naturally (or so I think at least), assumed meant he was joking. I replied that they were a real menace, and I also laughed politely. He then wondered how we keep them away, and I played along, telling him that we have troll-hunters which he was really excited about! Then I referred to the “documentary” “The Troll Hunter”. He said he had not seen it but that he definitely would, and this was when I realised that he actually thought we had troll hunters, and that we have trolls in Norway… :S oops! he probably thinks I made fun of him… if he ever finds out that we do not actually have trolls in Norway 😀


We have a big troll in one of our shops in the Norwegian Pavilion, and… I have heard three different parents refer to the troll as “the elephant” I’m really sorry, but if you can not see the difference between a troll and an elephant…well…you obviously have never seen an elephant, nor can you be the brightest crayon in the box…


Went to Magic Kingdom… got stuck in Splash Mountain D: It was super scary! The ride kept stopping, and after about 10 warning messages they still sent us down the incredibly steep, and in my opinion, far too long drop which is the splash… then the ride stopped again, 10 metres from where we were supposed to get out, and we had to walk out of there… Not going on that ride again O_e. On the other hand you absolutely have to try Expedition Mt. Everest in Animal Kingdom if you ever get the chance! It is Hilarious, I could not stop laughing 😀

There has not been  too many incidents so far, but I still think the Americans are a little in the dark as far as their knowledge of Norway goes…

Hoping you are well


– M


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