Thanksgiving, or as I will remember it: My “Stupid Me” day D:

23 Nov


I had my “Why Am I So Incredibly Stupid”-day today. I spent about 15 dollars more than necessary on bus :C What happened was that I was taking the bus to Universal Studios to buy an annual pass, so that I can hang out in Hogsmeade when I have my days off. Well… What I did not know was that you need to have the exact amount of change to pay on the bus. The bus pass for a whole day was $4.50, and I only had a $20. I inserted my $20 and the bus driver just makes a noise and looks at me as if I am mad… which i kind of was…

SO…He said”You just inserted a $20…” I replied “yes, I know…” then he said “This machine won’t give you change” AAAAND that is when I just go “That is okay” And he replies “no, it is not… you do not want to lose your money. You should go downtown and fill out a  courtesy form to try and get your money back” But I would probably have spent that money by getting downtown and back again so that money is lost and that is that… :C just su*ks because it was so unnecessary. I learned the hard way that you must ALWAYS have EXACT change when you ride the bus in Orlando…

Other than that I did get my annual pass 😀 and spent too much money in harry potter gift shops. I bought some Harry Potter candy (do not worry mum and dad, I will not eat it all by myself, and I will work out while I am here). I also bought a pin for myself…and some stationary so that my nephew who had his birthday on the 19th of November(I believe it was) can get his birthday greeting from Hogsmeade 😀 (sorry about it being late).

Pictures from the park will come when I have been there WITH someone, so that they can take some pictures with me in them :B

All in all I had a good (if a little bit unlucky) Thanksgiving ^-^ No turkey for me though :C will try and make a nice post thanksgiving-dinner tomorrow as I also have tomorrow off YAY! Maybe I’ll buy some meat? Have not eaten anything but rice and vegetables and granola since I got here :S Think I might have lost a kilo or two… sadly I think some of it is muscle loss XD First thing tomorrow, then go to the grocery store, then change my bed and wash clothes… maybe stop by Epcot ;P

okay… here is today’s shopping displayed C:



6 Responses to “Thanksgiving, or as I will remember it: My “Stupid Me” day D:”

  1. Elisabeth Kristine Steen 23/11/2012 at 09:00 #

    another chocolate frog?!

    • imightpossiblyneverupdate 23/11/2012 at 09:00 #

      Well, YES! I’m collecting the cards 😉 I got Dumbledore!!! 😀 *Ron Weasley in the background: “I’ve got ’bout six of him”*

  2. Lucy 23/11/2012 at 09:00 #

    I am so sorry for not leaving comments at all your posts! D’:
    I feel like I’ve failed you, my brave platypus.
    Schools been killing me lately and I haven’t had the time to do anything.
    But now I have read everything and to sum it up your doodle gave me diabetes and americans makes me laugh. Elephant? Really? Poor deluded americans xD

    Omygawd its’s Harry Potter Land! alhskbkeubgsdkbfksabfksadnalømdøaskifnlasf
    There are no words to describe my jealousy. No words.
    Is it just as wonderful as they say? Watching this show about it I got the impression it’s more of a stand-in-way-too-long-lines-and-take-two-way-too-big-rides kinda place. But that might be my brain trying to make excuses not to cross that big blue piece of scary.

    In other news. Guess who’s rewatching my little pony season 2 :’D
    I really miss having someone to watch it with (Martine has a great lack of rainbow and don’t want to watch with me D: ) and I have even more regret for not watching more of it together with you back at Ringerike.
    Anyways, I’ll go back and fight off Discord now. And try to be a little better at leaving comments from now on 🙂

    • imightpossiblyneverupdate 23/11/2012 at 09:00 #

      Awwie, Lucy! You do not have to comment on everything ❤ But it is nice that you feel like you have to XD I have to say that Harry Potter World was a little disappointing :/ I think it has to do with it being in America, and that it is so commercial, when anyone and everyone can visit it takes away some of the magic D: I just walked around thinking: Muggle, muggle, muggle and what do you know, another muggle! Also it is only a few of the stores you can actually go into… All in all I still liked it though, because you can buy a lot of cool stuff there as well 😀 Send me your postal address and I'll send you a Christmas letter ❤

      OMG it's been AGES since I watched MLP! Will start over again ASAP! ;D I miss watching it with you too :C Also, I have been busy working as well, so I totally get that school steals your time. You should not cross that big blue ocean if you are super afraid, however I will try to tempt you a little again, so if HP-world is not enough…To get to the castle you have to go through the MARVEL Superhero Island 😀 Moahahhaaa XD I hope the diabetes will pass, but thank you :-*
      Talk to you later, sweetie!

      • Lucy 24/11/2012 at 09:00 #

        ……there is a MARVEL Superhero Island? O____________o’

        That’s it. I can face my fears. I’ll go pack my bags. I’ll be there tomorrow. Is that ok? Great! :’D

        Yes! You have to rewatch all of it 8D
        Season 3 just started, girl! And living in the usa you’ll probably get to see the episodes before we get them over here!

        Silly muggles trying to belong xD
        I kinda fear harry-potter-world because it is going to steal all my money…I’ll probably buy like three three-headed dogs, two hippogriffs and eight dragons. ❤

        Stop your nonsense, of course I need to comment.

  3. imightpossiblyneverupdate 24/11/2012 at 09:00 #

    Hahaha! Yes, you CAN come tomorrow ;D And I will keep a lookout for MyLittlePony 😀 Thank you for commenting, and, yes, you will use all your money, it is VERY expensive. They have a very cute Stuffed animal-Unicorn there as well ;P

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