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25 Dec

I thought this would be a really crap-…crummy, Christmas, however It turned out to be a really great Christmas. Thanks to my wonderful flat mates I enjoyed Christmas morning immensely! Nicole woke me really early and we all sat around the Christmas tree unwrapping presents and drinking… juice, which I know is not very christmassy, however it was very nice 😀 I got AMAZING presents 😀 From Becky and Nicole I got a 1D-pajamas <3! From Anja I got a One direction pillowcase <3! I’m never leaving my bed again, unless 1D calls me and wants to hang out XD. From Courtney I got Anjas Christmas present XD She sort of mixed up the gifts, but it’s all good :D, It was a play boy perfume  haha C: Then from my Secret Santa I got a really beautiful glass-Christmas-bauble: Picture0007

It even has my name engraved  ❤

Christmas eve I spent with Nicole and her boyfriend and his mates 😀 They were all really nice and they had a really good Christmas cake that Andreas had gotten from his Mother in Genoa or Geneva… I could not hear what he said 😀 ANYWAY! That was really nice, and now it is Christmas morning, and I should be sleeping because I only slept for 4 hours tonight, however I am unable to fall back asleep :S Have to go to work at 16:30 until 00:45 so I REALLY should sleep, I’m going to be absolutely knackered when I get home D: I did not have time to make Christmas porridge last night, so we’re having it tonight instead, Anja and I are Forcing everyone to eat a bowl, we even have an almond and a prize, so it should be good 😀

Here is my AMAZING pillowcase: Picture0009

and my amazing pajama pants, I got a top too, but I’m not wearing it right now…:

Picture0008And now I think I will spend some time in the park before my shift starts. I work till 00:45 so…yay D: Hopefully there’ll be some Christmas porridge left when I come home 🙂 More updates will follow.

Lots of love XX



The Hobbit and other nerdy stuff! :D

21 Dec

(Yes I know it has been out for over a week, however I have not had days off to go see it, but now I have) I saw “The Hobbit” yesterday, and Ohmahgawd! It was AMAZING! sorry about all the capital letters, but I loved it beyond Middle earth, across the sea and into the west! I cannot wait for the next part to come out and the music and the actors and the old elf king and and and everything! It was so scary! I even cried three times because of the beautiful Dwarf song at the beginning, when the dwarfs finally appreciate Bilbo, and when the Eagles are coming, because it is just so beautiful! 

Okay, now I got that out of my system. Hot Topic is my new favourite store. They have EVERYTHING a nerd can wish for 😀 I bought a new T-shirt:


and I wanted to get one w/ superman as well, but that will have to wait as I am not rich, and still need to get some Christmas presents. I also bought a pack of socks:Image


Today I’m wearing Batman, but I also have Robin, superman, wonderwoman and Green lantern 😀

  See ya ❤

The World Can’t End Tomorrow!

20 Dec


The World cannot end tomorrow! I have a lot of reasons why:

– I have not seen “The Hobbit” yet, however this was a bad example as I’m planning on watching it tonight :S

– I have not yet seen “The Amazing Spider-man”

– I can not drink legally in the US yet

– I have not had a steady boyfriend

– I have not been to a One Direction concert

– I have not seen “The Phantom of the Opera” in London

– I still need to lose a few pounds

– I have not sent my Christmas cards

– I have not got my drivers licence

– I have not bought Christmas presents

– I have not collected all the Founders of Hogwarts on chocolate frog cards (missing two D:)

– We have not celebrated Nicole’s Birthday 

– I have not made enough Christmas Cookies

– I have not said good bye to Norway or any of the people I love in Norway

– I have a list that goes on infinitely

– I have not red “Lord of the Rings yet

– The last book in the King Killer Chronicles is not out yet

…Still I’m a little worried, but it won’t end, because Disney needs me to work until 02:00 in the morning on the 27th of December ;D 


Crazy Christmas Hours (and other things)

18 Dec




I’ll start off with telling you that today I am going to a Christmas party with everyone from work. We are all bringing something each to eat, so it is a “Pot Luck”-party or whatever it is called… I’m making chicken salad 😀

Also I had a very funny moment here earlier today. I was making lunch, and I spilled some of the beans I was putting in the salad, so I said, loudly “Oh, no! I spilled my beans!”  “Ba dum duch!”(that sound you know…two drums and a cymbal) Anyway I thought it was funny, but no one was there to hear it so :C

THEN we move on to the crazy Christmas Hours. On Thursday the 27th I work from 17:30 until 02:00 in the morning D: Fortunately I have the next day off, however that is the ONLY day I have off. Due to all the people going home, we have to work 6 days weeks all through Christmas. Or so it seems at the moment at any rate.

I’m feeling a little low these days, as I’m missing my family, my friends, snow, Norway, fireplace, Norwegian food, my bed, and just about everything else because it is Christmas, and Christmas is all about family! Right now I’m just tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep, or if I work out, because mentally I’m just not feeling at the top of my game :C No motivation for being “magical” at work, and I’m just way behind on Christmas shopping, everyone are working extra, so I don’t get to see my friends even on my days off, and now I only have one day off so this is not the best time of my life.

Hopefully things will get better after Christmas. Another thing that makes this hard is that so many have friends and family coming over to visit for Christmas, but I’m not so it makes me feel a little lonely :C

I really love all of you at home and I miss you and hope you have a WONDERFUL and MAGICAL Christmas! <3<3<3


Christmas traditions :D

16 Dec

Alright! As most of you know(because I keep spamming Instagram and Facebook) I have been baking lately. That is because it is tradition in Norway to bake cookies and cakes before Christmas. I think the rule is that you should bake seven different kinds. I have only made two…so far anyway. On December 13th I made “Lussekatter” which is a form of bun that we make into different shapes. These buns are ONLY made for December 13th because that is when we celebrate Santa Lucia day. It is in memory of a girl who lived on the island Sicilia (Sicily) around year 300 and who was killed for spreading Christianity. This tradition is celebrated in Scandinavia and Italy, but is not very known in the rest of the world. Then I made “gingerbread-cookies” but not really. I just call them that. The recipe is actually called “grandma cookies” but they are in the same shape as gingerbread cookies and therefore I call them that. They are really tasty and REALLY unhealthy 😀 Anyway. If anyone have any suggestions as to what to give to girls my age, that I do not really know too well yet, for Christmas…PLEASE speak up, because I’m really stressed about this and I have not got the faintest idea as to where to start… Thank you and I’ll be back before you know it. :B

380278_10151144038467447_655618117_n    9690_10151142279082447_979784969_n

I did not have a wire rack, so I made one out of my Crayolas 😀

More random updates from the past couple of days…

12 Dec

Here is the picture I promised you of the awful Christmas jumper:

image (2)


– Yesterday a guy I sold a woolen knitted jumper to tried to recruit me for the Mormon church… I felt a little uncomfortable to be honest…

– I have a big problem with cussing over here… In Norway I almost never swear, but when I do, I usually use the word “skitt” which is a very mild swear word (if you could call it a swear word at all). It literally means “dirt” so it is not a very bad word. However…”skitt” is pronounced the same way as “shit” which is a very bad word in America… So “skitt” has now changed from being my “okay-to-say-word” to becoming another “do-not-use-this-word-word”. That is really hard for me, because it is so printed in my brain as an okay word that it being “illegal” now is messing with my head :C

– Yesterday I received my first, second, third and fourth hug since I got here, thank you to: Jens, Charlotte and Marthe (in that order) for that 😀 It warmed my heart ❤

– I have now got the name of the person I am going to be “Secret Santa” for… She will get three presents as it is her birthday, and Christmas right after each other.

– Becky came home from New York two days ago…and guess who she saw in New York…Yes, you guessed correctly SHE SAW ONE DIRECTION!!! O_o!!! I AM SO JEALOUS! I ÆM DYING! (used a Norwegian letter there just to emphasize how INSANELY much I want to see, meet, touch, speak to or listen to them).

– On Friday everyone is getting pizza at work…again, but I do not work that day so I will have to  get my own pizza I guess…

– Now the posts are getting really boring and uninteresting…but that is because nothing exciting has happened lately… It is therefore time for me to go to bed. Love you miss you wanna hug and kiss you! ❤



I saw a gator…

8 Dec

Today I ended up not going to Epcot…again. Actually I did go, I just did not stay for very long. I went at eight o’ clock this evening, and Magical hours starts at nine thirty. This means that after nine thirty, cast-members(aka me) are not allowed to do anything in the park. Magical hours are just for guests staying at a Disney resort. You have to show your room key to enter any of the rides or restaurants :S

Earlier today I went to Walmart to exchange a magnificently ugly jumper. I bought it yesterday but the size was too small so I exchanged it for a bigger one. It iis green w/a snowman. Picture will follow tomorrow. On the way back from Walmart I saw an alligator. Yep…It was laying by a pond not too far from my neighborhood. I will now fear that gators are lurking in every bush on the premises.

anyway the clock is now 04:15 am…and I HAVE to sleep. See you tomorrow




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