Went to Universal :D

2 Dec

As all of you who have me on Facebook knows, I went to Universal again yesterday, woohoo! The good thing(AHAAHHAHAAA XD You can’t see it, but I actually wrote “thong” instead of “thing”)  is that I did not have to go alone because Daniel had the same day off. I enjoyed spending the day with him in the park, boys are so cool, you know, no drama :B

Sad part: Too long lines to wait for pictures w/super heroes, so that will be prioritized NEXT time 😀

Anyway! We tried just about all the biggest rides in Adventure Island…so technically I have not been to Universal yet, that is the other park, but Adventure Island is also owned by Universal, so my annual pass works in both parks. I chose Adventure Island because that is where the super heroes and Harry Potter World is…double YAY!

I’m going to tell you about some of the rides you HAVE to try if you go to Adventure Island:

-The Hulk!

Roller-coaster with two loops, HILARIOUS! I screamed the five first seconds, and then I laughed the rest of the ride, IT WAS FUN!(I do not own this picture…)

-Dueling Dragons in Harry Potter World: you are either the red dragon(fire) or the blue dragon(ice), I was the red one, have not tried the blue, they are a little different, but the red at least was funneeeh! It was a little scarier than the Hulk, because your feet are sort of just dangling… but I enjoyed eet :B do not have a picture, but check out Youtube video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acTOmqb4xh4. It involves A LOT of twisting, I was so dizzy afterwards that I could barely walk straight. I’m going to try the blue one next time 😀

-Harry Potter “Forbidden Journey” O_o!!! OMG, RIGHT!!! I know a couple of friends who would LOVE this, (*cough*Aase, Lucy,Martine,Rikke,Johannes,Sesse*cough*) (Yes, Lucy you too), It really feels like you are flying on a broom, only you are sitting on a bench, but it is SO realistic it is super scary. You go face to face with the Hungarian Horntail. I’m telling you, I was screaming at some point. LOVED IT SO MUCH, took the ride TWICE and would like to take it over and over and over again. AMAZING! Will not show you anything from this ride, because you have to experience the magic there and then ;B

DO NOT RECOMMEND: Jurassic Ride! Unless you want to be wet beyond belief õ_õ I was SOAKED! Also I am terrified of water coasters, though I felt pretty safe on this one, it is just that I was so afraid that I can not even remember the drop, I was absolutely horrified. Will not do that again… good thing it was the last ride we decided to take, because I would not have been able to wear wet trousers, wet jumper, wet underwear and wet shoes for a whole day. Could not even handle it for an hour, that is why I bought the fabulous jacket I already bragged about on FaceB. ;P



Horrible, awful, ugly picture of me… but this is how wet we were, and the front is DRY compared to the back. The reason my jumper is dry in the middle is that that is where the safety belt thingy covered me. The facial expression is weird because I was talking…



Alright… you know what’s coming

G’nite! xx


7 Responses to “Went to Universal :D”

  1. imaginaryfeline 02/12/2012 at 09:00 #

    I’ve seen some clips of those dragon coasters before. They kinda scare me to death. Sadly I have never been a big roller coaster fan….I like the smaller things. That goes slower and stay on the ground and have pretty lights and horses and things ❤
    But the forbidden journey sounds just aaahhh *___* why oh why do you have to be so far away America?! D':
    The jurassic ride wouldn't happen to have dinosaurs in it? :'D


  2. Lucy 02/12/2012 at 09:00 #

    I saw a video with that dragon coaster some time ago. It kinda scared me to death xD
    I’m not the biggest roller coaster fan. i like the little ones, that stays on the ground with nice lights and horses.
    Forbidden journey sounds just aahhh *w*
    Oh why oh why do you have to be so far away, America?! D’:
    The jurassic ride wouldn’t happen to include dinosaurs, would it?
    ….yet more merchandice who wants my money. Those jackets come in Ravenclaw colours, right?

    • Marianne 02/12/2012 at 09:00 #

      No! The dragon ride was fun! Yes to all the rest XD there ARE dinosaurs on the Jurassic ride, yes, you will spend money on merchandise, yes, it comes in Ravenclaw colours 😀

      *come to US come to the US*

      • Lucy 04/12/2012 at 09:00 #

        I’m really sorry about posting twice D’:
        The first one was written with my phone and suddenly everything killed itself and disappeared and when I went to my computer to check there was no comment, I swear. So I made a new one, with the computer. And now, several days later I suddenly see this phone comment. I give up on technology. It doesn’t like me.

      • imightpossiblyneverupdate 04/12/2012 at 09:00 #

        No, no! don’t worry, it was my fault that your message had not showed up yet. It was stuck in the “pending” folder because I had not approved it yet :S Anyway, technology does not care too much for me either 😉

  3. norwaytonorfolk 03/12/2012 at 09:00 #

    I am not pleased you did not cough-mention me as well!

    • Marianne 03/12/2012 at 09:00 #

      That is because YOU my friend is not ONLY a friend 😉 YOU are also my SISTER and in the post i specifically mention FRIENDS. I just thought it would be VERY obvious that you would like it 😉 ALSO, you will probably be the first to experience it anyway ;P

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