More odd things that have happened to me in the US…and a short update on everything else :)

6 Dec

Last week (yes I forgot to write this last week as I was super ill :C) I was tidying up in one of the rooms in the store when I felt a hand on my butt. I turned around and looked down to find a five year old boy smiling at me. Then he said ” That’s a pretty dress” and walked away…


That was apparently one of my good hair-days or something because the same day TWO, note TWO boys(yes boys, nowhere near men) said “Heeey, how’ you doin?” to me, and smiled a smug smile while lifting one eyebrow. The funny part is that they were in the same group, and they did it right after each other without knowing the other had done it first. They were in different parts of the store, and I was just running through the room, because I was floor stocking. They were somewhere around 12-15 years old, (I can not tell when they’re boys around that age :S) . Apparently young boys thought I was particularly attractive that day… would be nicer if they were older…

Sad dummy

Today I worked an eleven hour shift and I am tired… and feeling more sick than yesterday. My skin is breaking out, badly, and my refrigerator and my food cabinet is empty again -____-” Good part is that I have my day off tomorrow, so I will go to Epcot(if I feel up to it) and visit all the pavilions I have not yet been to 😀 Should be fun ^^

Here everything is decorated for Christmas  however it is just weird… It is like someone decided to move Christmas and celebrate during summer instead. “Christmas in July!? WHY, THAT IS A SWELL IDEA!” and I have not yet bought any Christmas-presents. I technically only need to buy one, because we are doing “Secret Santa” in my flat. However I’m somewhat nervous about that, as I do not know my flatmates too well yet. I do not know what they like :S

OOOOOoooo! I almost forgot! Yesterday was a really bad day, or so I thought. I had very little food, and therefore three Wasa crisp-bread with cheese on for lunch and dinner. BUT! when I got to work the designer of the perfume we sell in the shop was there signing perfume-bottles and pictures, and he had bought all of us working in the store PIZZA! And not just enough for all of us to have a slice for lunch, no, enough for all of us to have pizza for EVERY BREAK. 😀 Thank you! I love you! ❤

another sad thing is that a lot of the girls at work are leaving. They feel like they have been here long enough. One has stayed her whole year, but the others are terminating themselves from the program :C 5 more are leaving between now and February so that sucks(pardon my french).

Now I’m going to bed so that I might get well ^^


4 Responses to “More odd things that have happened to me in the US…and a short update on everything else :)”

  1. imaginaryfeline 06/12/2012 at 09:00 #

    Hahah, that part about the little boys made my day. now that’s charming xD

    dawww, I hope you’ll get well soon D: Still sick myself and now my voice is all gone yaaay…
    But why would they be leaving? D’: it is disney! I do not understand this O___o
    Speaking of disney. deviantart told me today is his 111 birthday 8D dunno if it’s true, but I would like to celebrate him anyway.

    • imightpossiblyneverupdate 06/12/2012 at 09:00 #

      Disney was born on December 5th 1901 so that should be quite accurate 🙂 They are leaving because the job itself is sort of tiring after a while, not much variation :/ Also, because we never have mote than two days off at the time, it is very hard to get out of Orlando to see anything else. And Orlando is not a very pretty city. I want to go to Miami and New York and Key West and St. Augustine, but I do not have the time, not yet anyway. Maybe things will get better 😀 Hope you’re feeling better soon, Lucy! I think you’re worse off than me, I still have a voice 😉

      They have a nice stuffed unicorn plushy in Harry Potter World *cheshire-grin* “hmm? What was that…oh! You are coming over to visit me!, good” :B

      • imaginaryfeline 06/12/2012 at 09:00 #

        Stop tempting me, woman! Alright, let me just rob a bank and I’ll be on my way :’D

  2. imightpossiblyneverupdate 07/12/2012 at 09:00 #

    moahahhaaaa! You do that, I won’t tell 😉

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