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Long time no see :D

24 Jan

Since the last update I have been working fairly good hours, I’ve been sick, but I’m getting better. Today I even went for a run together with my lovely flat-mate, Anja 😀 On Friday I went to Joann’s hobby store with a friend from work, her name is Mari. Her mother was visiting, and they had rented a car and were kind enough to invite me along so I could buy some water colours, paint-brushes and other fancy stuff. After, they asked me if I wanted to have dinner with them at Olive Garden, so we had a really nice meal and Mari’s mother paid for my dinner as well, so THANK YOU! Best meal I’ve had in ages 😀

Yesterday I went to Magic Kingdom with my wonderful, Scottish friend, Claire. We had so much fun going on all the rides, dining in the enchanted castle(not the Disney Castle)and having our picture taken with the princesses and…Robin Hood! He is actually not in the park anymore, so it was a special visit that might not happen again for a long time, if ever :O We also ate a ridiculously big sundae called “All American Sundae” Self explanatory I’d say XD It was a little too much for me, but Claire recommended it so I gave it a go. It was not bad, but I’ll settle for something smaller next time 😉 Also went for a run together with Claire today, so that is twice in one day…think I might be overdoing it XD Think I’ve moved, yes, moved because it includes both power walking and running and jogging, approximately one Norwegian mile today. Not too bad if you ask me ;DIMG_0228

Today I went to Epcot and now I’ve finally been to all of the pavilions although I have not seen all of them that thoroughly. I went to the Norway pavilion and bought a Snow White doll, because I get a discount and I’ve been dying to buy it. I know I’m a little too old for dolls, but I’ve not bought anything else that is Disney related, so I think it’s fine^^ IMG_0246

Then I went to the UK pavilion and Bought some Fish’n Chips that tasted delicious if I may say so… go figure. Probably has something to do with it not tasting like fish 😉 You can meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in the UK, as well as Alice and Mary Poppins 😀 All the pavilions are really nice, but I think I like the UK pavilion the best 😀 It has got so many kinds of tea and lots of tea-cups and Beatles and Doctor Who-related stuff <3<3<3


Sonic Screwdriver anyone?

AND that’s another thing that’s fairly new! I’ve started watching Doctor Who, and it is the best show I’ve ever seen, I can not stop watching it 😀 I started with the newest episodes though, from 2005 up till today, and then I’ll go back and watch the older episodes later. The thing is I started watching the earliest season first, the one from 1963, but it did not progress fast enough when I had not fully grasped the concept. Therefore I traveled forward in time and started watching from the 9th doctor (I think it was), but I’ll watch all the other doctors when I’ve caught up with the series running today 😀 And I swear, I love that man! The Doctor in general, but I must say that David Tennant might be the most amazing British actor I know. His face is amazing, so many expressions, it is absolutely GENIUS!

(I do not own this picture)

Today I bought new Converse shoes, regular blue ones, because they’re really nice. That was not very important for you to know…but now you dooo 😀

check back for more useless information 😉


OH! btw: I just met my friend as she was coming home from work, and she told me that Justin Bieber was at the park today! I can honestly say that I am not a Beliber, however I am a little sad that I did not get to see him. It is just something about him being a phenomenon. He’s not just a boy, you know, he’s…well…something more in a way. I think I would have been a little starstruck if I’d seen him. But you know if it had been One Direction and I did not get to see them, I’d be VERY sad. Don’t care that much about Bieber, still, I think it is pretty cool that he was in Epcot ;) Just thought I’d mention it :D




I’m sick again :C

14 Jan

Okay…so my days off were just about perfect, and I felt like I was going to have a positive flow for a while…WRONG! Now it is two days later and I’m sick again. And also!(Don’t read anything big into this, but I have a bit of a crush on a guy here, but as always I cannot talk to hot boys so I have not introduced myself or anything and he does not know that I exist) Anyway this super-pretty boy/man/dude… :B have asked my roomie out on a date :C I mean I don’t put a claim on him or anything, I’m just wondering why it had to be my roomie, I mean ANYONE else would be fine. Whatever, he is out of my reach anyway.

I have not had time to work out lately, however tomorrow I have a great shift at work, so I’ll go to the gym after work 😀 Should be good 😀

Other than that I had a fairly good day at work today, until I got sick -__-” But I’m homesick, and getting fat and sick and now I’m done feeling sorry for myself…kind of…not.

I feel sorry for myself :B

In addition to all this cr*p I have to find time to google universities and subjects to study and I’m beginning to realize something that a very wise man figured out long before I did:


I think this is VERY hard, because I really like the life I’ve planned for myself. Guess I’ll just have to see where life takes me, eh?

Also, I miss this:


Love you, hope your week is better than mine.



Summary of the past five days :D

11 Jan

OKAY! I have been rather busy lately, however today and tomorrow I have my days off. YAY! All the days have blurred into one because I’ve been really tired both physically and mentally lately, but I know that on Tuesday or Wednesday I had to go to work an hour and a half early because three people called in sick D: that resulted in a twelve hours long day, followed by a ten hours long day. On top of that, the twelve hours long day I had to work magical, and the day after I worked 15 minutes longer than I had to because I thought I was done at 21:15 when I was actually off at 21:00 -__-” Yesterday I went over to two of my coworkers’ place and we watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” which was HILARIOUS!

We had a lot of fun and I even managed to open a glass of some sort of Chinese food that their Chinese roommate just could not open, Mari, Maria AND Frank tried…but you know… everyone cannot be as strong as me XD

Today i went to Panera with my flat-mate Anja and we ate brunch together, it was very nice and the food was amazing 😀 I had a spinach salad with a small bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup AND a wild berry smoothie, YUMMY!

Then I met up with my German friend, Katharina, and we went to Mickey’s Retreat which is a …well…a retreat for Disney cast members whit a pool, sand-volleyball-courts and a beach as well as tennis courts and other fancy stuff. We sunbathed and ran around the beach acting silly, and then Katharinas’ roomie came with her friend and joined us and it was all very nice 😀

Here are some pictures 😀

THEN Katharina and I were supposed to go to Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic, but we had to rush to catch the bus so we decided to go to Downtown Disney instead and we ate dinner at Paradiso 37 (or something… :S) Burger and fries for me and Burritos with rice and beans for Katharina YUMMY, AGAIN! 😛 After dinner we went to the cinema and watched a film called “Guilt Trip” which was totally a B-movie, but it was fun. Also there are A LOT of great films coming soon, all the commercials were really exciting and/or funny! ;D


image (10)

etc: this new one with one of my favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock I can’t stop laughing…

or this version of The wizard of Oz:


Soooo, yeah 😀 Tomorrow i’ll relax completely except for going for a walk, and go food shopping :S I have been living of junk food from the break room at work the past two weeks but NOW IT SHALL ALL END! I CANNOT TAKE DISGUSTING, GREASY FOOD ANYMORE! D:

Not really too much to say…

5 Jan

Hi! I know it’s been a while since I last posted something. I’ve just been so busy. This is my third week working six days, and I’m absolutely knackered. I finally had time to go grocery shopping yesterday, however i have not had time (or…more like energy) to work out lately. I went to Hollywood studios the other day, with a couple of friends, and it was fun, but it was a short trip as it started pouring after a couple hours. I’ll go back some other day and try out some of the rides 😀 We watched a short(extremely short) version of Beauty and the Beast:


And here is some psychedelic lights from Hollywood studios… No, I did not speed up the film :B the lady is just singing REALLY fast D:

will upload something more when something new has happened… other than work :S Love you!




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