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Happy Day :D

23 Feb

Thursday (21st of February) was a VERY good day 😀 I had a sleep over with one of the girls from work from the 20th to the 21st and on the 21st we got up early, put on out training gear and got in her car. We drove to the post office so now I can finally send my Christmas cards…better late than never, right? :S After, we stopped by Starbucks for a mocha light frappuccino, while we waited for our other friend to wake up so that we could finally go to our massage appointment! 😀 It was SO lovely to have a massage, I felt really lightheaded after, almost like a new person.<3 After this refreshing and, might I add, well earned massage M drove us to Celebration, a Disney cast member neighborhood.


image (10)

Here we drove around looking at all the pretty(and very American) hoses on the many streets. I always thought films exaggerated, but MANY of the houses actually have a rocking chair and an American flag on their front porch.(bad example):

image (9) (1)

we then parked the car and walked into the centre of this little community and it was beautiful. In the middle there was a pond, and surrounding it were little cafés and diners and shops with bits and bobs and fudge and other fancy stuff. We had lunch in one of the diners, and then we finally got to use out training gear as we walked around the pond, -___-” yes we were supposed to walk for a while, but M, who owns the car had to go to the airport and pick up her boyfriend, so the trip was cut short. I did go for a jog the day after though 😉 (yesterday that is). THEN when I got home I really wanted to go to the cinema, but all my friends from work were busy or still at work, so I decided to go by myself as none of the girls in my flat were home(or so I thought) So i get changed and walk to the bus and then I receive a text form my flat-mate, Nicole. “It’s your day off today, right? I was wondering if you wanted to go to the cinema or go out for dinner or stay in and  cook something and watch a film?” And so I walked back from the bus and we decided to go to the cinema 😀 Only problem was that we did not check which films were on, and when they were on, so when we got there we discovered that all the films we wanted to see were not on until two hours from then. But that was fine 😀 We ate at the “Earl of Sandwich” and browsed through the many Disney shops in Downtown, and all of a sudden it was time to watch the film 😀 😀 We saw “Warm Bodies” which was very funny, though a little odd… It was a perfect day 😀 Very busy but filled with good memories, Ihope I’ll have many more like it.

Also: Here is my new watercolur painting 🙂 Took about 3 hours.

image (11)


Me and my flaw…and other fun, and not so fun, things…

15 Feb

Sooooo… This “weekend” I was supposed to get a lot of stuff done, but seeing as I suffer from short attention span and no self discipline, that did not happen. Just see how many boxes I ticked off:

– Buy stamps (send VERY delayed Christmas cards)☐

– Buy food ☑

– Apply to Universities… (I’ve looked some up that I’ll apply to…)☐

– Find out about blue entrance pass☐

– cinema (Les Miserables)☐

– clean room ☐

Do you think any of this happened? No! I always say yes to others if they ask me to hang out…which I guess is a good thing, however some of these things should really be checked off my list ASAP, so now I have to do it another day instead.

I did however hang out with a good friend from work, and her roommate, and we went and got  manicures, and after, we went shopping at the outlet mall before we had lunch at Panera again 😀  This was in the afternoon. This morning my Norwegian flat-mate went to a beauty shop as well, and I got a pedicure and she got eyelash extensions. Then we went food shopping at Publix and made a delicious breakfast so that was all good. I could not sunbathe today though, because it was actually quite cold, and it was raining…


Sweetest girls in their little pink flip flops 😀 You cannot wear shoes after a pedicure…apparently :B

Freshly painted nails :D

Freshly painted nails 😀

Now…the sad news D: One of my German friends got sent home today, and the reason was rubbish. I won’t tell you the reason here, but it was rather unfair. So now I lost a great friend over here :’C Also another of my German friends is going home for a couple of weeks because her mother is sick, and I’m afraid that she might not come back either…And because the first girl I mentioned is one of my British friends’ roommate, my British friend does not want to stay for the whole program either, so she leaves on June 1st :’C  This is not a good week for me. I don’t want to stay when all  the good people leave! So i just spent the last couple of hours at my German friend’s place and we just talked and packed her things and booked her flight and took Polaroid pictures with my British friend’s camera, because as I mentioned, they’re roommates. My German friend’s boyfriend was there as well and it was very sad and a little cozy. I can’t stand to say goodbye D:

image (8) (1)

Mardi Gras beads

The past week was Mardi Gras, I did not notice it much, other than that three of my roommates went to New Orleans to experience it properly, while I was stuck here working XD Seemed like they enjoyed themselves though, so that’s good ❤ Nicole did get me a mask though! 😀 It’s really pretty:

Pretty mask from Nicole <3

Pretty mask from Nicole ❤

ALSO! Today was Valentine! and that was as usual nothing special -____-” No boyfriend = no reason to celebrate… I did however try out the 1D kissing booth which was totally worth the 10 minutes it took to make this :B Do we not make a cute couple? ;D


i’m not smiling too much… but I am smiling on the inside C: ❤

yeah… so that was pretty much it for today 🙂 I am glad to have most of my friends here still though.



Good day :D

14 Feb

Hey! Last Thursday I went to Epcot with a friend from work, M, and we ate salad for brunch in one of the many cafeterias before we went shopping for pins…jup…I started pin trading, you know “When in Disney…” But pin trading is a lot of fun, you can trade with any cast member and they will trade you any pin for any pin. M and I tried on some fun clothes at Mousegear(Mouse Gear?)… and then we went to most of the other pavilions at Epcot, including Japan which is one of my favourite pavilions because they have amazing china with Tottoro on it!(and lots of other fancy stuff) ❤

e.image (1)image (2)

image (3) image (4) image (5)

After, we went to Millenia Mall where we went shopping at Urban Outfitters which is the coolest store I have ever shopped in. It was a little expensive, but very nice! They have all sorts of stuff. M bought a polaroid camera which in turn made me want to get one…and I will, I just don’t know which yet 🙂 . I bought a new jumper that looks sort of knitted…and sort of not 😛 And a pair of high waist jeans 🙂 Then we stopped by Victoria’s Secret because I needed a black bra. We also went to Forever XXI and MAC, but I did not find anything there. After finishing the shopping we went to Panera and ate yet another salad, this time I ate Cesar-salad with salmon instead of chicken. First fish I’ve eaten since I arrived in the US. O_o!



Also I am currently fretting about what to study this fall. I’m torn between veterinary, English literature and culture and Japanese, and illustration and art studies… Help is appreciated XD Anyone studying any of these subject that want to leave a comment on what it is that you do exactly?  Thanks ❤

Also… I finished my water-colour painting today, I think I used 5 or 6 hours in total 😀

photo (10) (1)

My definition of Art: It begins with a line and then it develops until there are no more lines to add, that is when you know it is finished 😀 ~M


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