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St. Patrick’s Day & The: “soon-to-be-empty-apartment” D:

18 Mar

Hey, everyone!

Today was St. Patrick’s Day, and also my best mate Daniel’s birthday! woo hoo! Quite a lot of people int eh park today because of this…not Daniel’s Birthday, but St. Patrick’s Day ;P I was working so I was not allowed to celebrate it much, but I did draw a Shamrock on my face this morning… before I washed it away again because it is not allowed at work :/ Also special Happy St. Patty’s Day to my two Irish friends, M&K! Whoop! Still wondering why so many St. P-shirts have a FOUR-leaf-clover when the Shamrock has three? St. Patrick is said to have used the three leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland and England, in case you didn’t already know that 😀


Now the thing I’ve been dreading all year has happened…My roomies have moved out D: My room mate C. left me two days ago, the three Germans left one and two days before that, and my two British flat-mates are leaving in two weeks. What I thought was going to happen was that the two Brits and the other Norwegian girl and I would live together(alone) in this 8 people flat for two weeks, and then they would move A. and I somewhere when the Brits left(this is what usually happens). That is NOT what happened… This is what is going on: I am left alone in my room, one of the British girls is left alone in her room and the other British and Norwegian girl are still living together in their room. We are getting four new girls…all from Thailand, I’ve been told, and I do not know what to think…They might be lovely, but there might also be a major culture clash here and, yes, I am one who worries a lot about things before they happen. I never wanted to live with 7 others, but the 7 I’ve been living with so far have been absolutely delightful, therefore I never thought of moving. This however is NOT going to be the same what so ever, and now both A and I want to move, but I’m not sure if we are allowed to do so :C

803456_10151302598727447_1074506435_n (1)

On a happier note my parents and younger sister are coming to visit me in eight days! 😀 Iiiiiii! I am SOOO excited<3 ❤ ❤

I’ve even gotten some time off from work so I’m thrilled!

The only family member (that lives in my house) that is not coming over :C

The only family member (that lives in my house) that is not coming over :C

Also, today I went to my buddy J’s place and we watched Dr. Who together, it was very nice 😀 I feel like I’m doing some good in this world by converting people I know to Who-ism, feel free to join us 😀 (The 9th-11th doctor in my heart forever!) (Tennant&Smith;if I could have you both I would!) ❤


I do not own this picture, borrowed from: (


My English flat-mate, B also gave me her Ariel wig! O_o! She did not want it anymore, but I tell you, I doooo! 😀


Drinking poetic tea right now, the tag on the teabag says: “Your Heartbeat Is the Rhythm of Your Soul” :B I like it ❤

It is far too late for me to be awake now, getting up in 6 hours or so, getting new roommate tomorrow D:

wish me luck? no? C’mon its St. Patrick’s day… well…it was an hour and a half ago anyway. NO luck of the Irish for me then?

Oh well, G’nite!




Much ado about nothing :D

11 Mar

I bought a new cover for my I-phone, so here is a little two-picture-gallery in honor of that:Image


Which brings me to my next point; I’ve found some broken sunglasses that I now wear to seem more hipster than I actually am C: They are really cool…or so I think anyway ^-^

I could not help myself anymore, I bought Elle the other day, next time it’s Vogue. 😀


I am not a big fan of the cover though…Mind you, Taylor is pretty, but she is not a super model, not very high fashion, too cute. anyway…

Thursday was my only day off, and my friend M and I went for a walk in an area called Celebration which is a small community where Disney people live 🙂 Some of the houses are ridiculously big and beautiful as you can see:


the nature surrounding the houses is also very pretty:


I took a picture of myself…  :B


After Celebration M and I went to the Polynesian Resort and sat down on the lawn outside to view the fireworks in Magic Kingdom.


I am very good at taking pictures with my I-phone XD

It was very nice 😀 Then we went to Bahama Breeze and had dinner. All in all a very pleasant day indeed.

I’ve also participated in the illustration competition “A Calendar of Tales” by Neil Gaiman, he is one of my top 5 favourite authors so i was really excited about this. I did however only have time to make one picture, and I would have liked to make twelve, but time did not allow it as i worked 53 hours this week and 46 hours last week :S And although I know the chance of me winning one of the 12 spots is close to zero, i still keep my hopes up. Maybe I miraculously hit the spot 😀 fingers crossed. At any rate I got the Neil Gaiman Badge on my dA-page, so I’m happy :B

I illustrated the month of May, both because it is the month of my birthday, and because I was very inspired by that particular story. In addition not as many illustrated that story as some of the others, but i guess the other stories inspired more people then??? I loved the May tale though 😀

Today I spent most of the day with my roomie A, We just hang around the apartment for a while before we went shopping for food and clothes to work out in 😀 We then stopped by Starbucks for a Soy-Mocha-Frappuccino and proceeded to eat Sushi at Tokyo Sushi. Image

I’ve also been working on my entrance exam for illustration at the University. It has basically been a week of art and tea 😀 I think I’ve had about 6 cups of tea every day, because I’ve emptied my extra large box of Twinings Earl Gray D:Image



So there you go folks! Much Ado About Nothing and Tea 😀 …except for the Neil Gaiman competition, because that is actually kind of a big deal…

K! Bye!



March 30th?!!! D: & artsy stuff

2 Mar

I just caught up with the Doctor Who series and now I have to wait until the 30th of March to see the next episode!! D:  I cannot stand waiting! I guess I’ll just have to go back in time then, and watch the 8 first doctors… but the 1963 one is actually really boring because it progresses so slowly… Oh well. I still have fish fingers and custard in my fridge though, so that is what I’m going to try eating on Thursday when I’m off again C:

I have had two days off now, both Friday and Thursday for a change, might I add, it feels AMAZING to have two days off again! (for one week anyway -__-”) I only have one day off again next week -___-”. Anywhoo! what I have done this weekend is working on my entrance exam for University, so I have basically done a lot  of artsy fartsy stuff 😀 I am applying for illustration studies and I’m also working on some other illustration stuff for a competition. that I know I have VERY slim chances of winning at all, but if I don’t try I will definitely not win 😉 I’ll give it a shot…or five :B

Here is a little pen-doodle “collage” I made some days ago…I was a little bored:

"Tick Tock, goes the clock"

“Tick Tock, goes the clock, even for the Doctor”

Doctor Who Nursery Rhyme

And what now shall we see?

Tick Tock goes the clock
Now Thou shalt marry me

Tick Tock goes the clock
And what now shall we play?
Tick Tock goes the clock
Now summer’s gone away

Tick Tock goes the clock
And all those years they fly
Tick Tock goes the clock
Your love shall surely die

Tick Tock goes the clock
We laughed at Fate and mourned her
Tick Tock goes the clock
Even for the Doctor

Tick Tock goes the clock
He cradled and he rocked her
Tick Tock goes the clock
‘Till River kills the Doctor.

Tick tock goes the clock,
He gave all he could give her
Tick tock goes the clock,
Now prison waits for River

I think this was from the episode called “Night Terrors”


I am also going to try to write a short story, and I might upload it here if it turns out good. I’m a bit rusty at the moment, when it comes to writing anyway, so it might be rubbish. I apologize in advance if it is. I will also illustrate parts of it as that is my new passion at the moment, illustrating. 😀 Other than that I’m still boring and have no life, however I’m trying to make that change and am currently planning a New York trip at the end of May. Also, my parents and my younger sister are coming over at the end of the month(this month…March) and then we are going on a road-trip(or several) so I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures and shake things up a bit on this here blog. k?

Thank you, come again! ;D




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