1st tip on “How to Procrastinate”: Start a journal! :D

3 Oct


You might be thinking “I don’t know how to keep a journal, I always forget to write in it” or “I have nothing to write about”. That is what I’m here to help you with ;D You don’t have to “keep” a journal, this is more like filling a book with whatever crosses your mind. For example:

  • Begin by making an introduction on the first page. Should be something funny or personal. Mine says “If found, burn immediately” 
  • Feel free to decorate corners:
  • IMG_5213 (2)
  • Page 2: ‘~THIS IS ME’~ Write down all the personalia you can think of: Name, gender, age/date of birth, zodiac sign, single/married/engaged/”stuck with a frog/”waiting for damsel in distress“, occupation, place of birth, current residence, phone number, physiological traits: hair colour, height, freckles etc., best friends, meaning of your name and anything else you can think of.
  • The next pages you could fill with all your FAVOURITES: favourite place to live, hobby, TV-shows, films, musicals, animals, bands, fantasy realms, books, authors and SO ON!
  • Have more than ONE favourite in each category? No problemo! Add a couple “Top 10’s”: top 10 hottest male/female celebrities, top 10 best songs…
  • Dedicate a whole page to words that have to do with one subject only. I did “Words to do with Autumn”: leaves, chilly, acorns, rain, puddles, wellington boots…
  • Doodle all your favourite objects on a page:
  • IMG_5226 (2)

–  Fill a page with your favourite sayings, nursery rhymes, limericks, song lyrics or poems.

I chose the first stanza of William Blake’s poem:

     “Auguries of Innocence”

    ‘To see a world in a Grain of Sand

    And a heaven in a Wild Flower,

   Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

   And Eternity in an hour.’ 

  • write down your best and worst traits
  • Draw something you see around you
  • things you’re afraid of (very nice to put it on paper, they seem less scary somehow…not all of them though).
  • “In ten years I see myself…?” Running a circus? owning the Playboy Mansion? Being a mother?
  • Random thoughts
  • “If I could be anything, I would be…? An astronaut? Ninja-Pirate? Unicorn? Hogwarts Student? Time Lord? Pokemon Master? Iron Man?
  • Write down you BUCKET-LIST! SO MUCH FUN, and it makes it a lot easier to work towards accomplishing these goals when you see them in front of you! 😀
  • Lists about everything and nothing: ‘To do-list’, Names you’d give a cat, dog, child:
  • IMG_5211 (2)
  • Any guilty pleasures?: chocolate?, One Direction (me), daydreaming about the one you can’t have? Stealing your room mates’ food and see if they notice?
  • Take the journal EVERYWHERE, also when you eat. “OOOPS, spilled something!” well, great! turn it into something cool:IMG_5218 (2)   (tea monsters)
  • Want to make it educational? Dedicate a page to something you’re studying i.e plants and trees: IMG_5219 (2)
  • Someone gave you something? If possible, glue it in and write a few words about the incident :Untitled
  • Add something creative like a double slider pocket 😀 (It’s something you use in scrap-booking, just ‘Google’ it ;P)
  • Create an O.C (Original Character) and write a SHORT story of their adventure 😀 (or elaborate on the story and character = great procrastination AND who knows, maybe you’ll become an author/ess?)
  • if you have cinema tickets, check from a cool store or restaurant, photo booth pictures or Polaroids? put it all in the journal using glue or nice paper clips:
  • avengers

As you can see there are ENDLESS opportunities and a lot of procrastination time in starting a journal. Especially if you, like me, finish the whole thing in two weeks 😛

Alright…that was my first tip on “HOW TO PROCRASTINATE”

Now go forth and prosper buy a journal!


4 Responses to “1st tip on “How to Procrastinate”: Start a journal! :D”

  1. Lucy 04/10/2013 at 09:00 #

    This was actually a really sweet idea :3
    I’ve tried to keep a diary, and it went just as well as for most other people trying to keep diaries….yeah.
    I have managed to do quite a bit of successful notebooking though. It’s a tool for creative writing/drawing/whatevs and seems kinda similar to your journal set-up over there. Just less organized :B

    • imightpossiblyneverupdate 04/10/2013 at 09:00 #

      Thanks^^ Yes, that sounds like the same thing 😀 I just put the pages in a specific order here because some people aren’t able to fill things in randomly, they need structure :C Poor them :/

  2. Lucy 04/10/2013 at 09:00 #

    Btw. this is kinda random, but have you checked out the Monster High webisodes?
    I bought a few of the dolls and watched a lot of the movies and episodes and kinda got a little bit obsessed maybe xD
    It’s kinda silly, but so is MLP, so if you haven’t already, you should give it a try :’D

    • imightpossiblyneverupdate 04/10/2013 at 09:00 #

      I haven’t even heard of it :O! If it is half as good as MLP I’ll love it! …to be 21 physically and 4-14 mentally depending on the day, it’s hard work don’t you think? XD Everyone EXPECT that you’ll behave like an ADULT! 😡 Bring on the fantasy and the ponies, please!!! 😀

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