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“Newsies” Jack Kelly

31 May

I promised you a post about NYC, and it’s coming, however for now I’ll just upload a quick sketch I made of Jack Kelly, the main character in the musical “Newsies” that I watched on Broadway. It was AMAZING! f you have not seen Newsies, order your ticket NOW! or rent the film at the library 😉 Anywhooo, here’s a little collage of my spare time dawdlings…The sketch took 11 min to make and the computer “editing” approximately the same XD. Still, hope you like, and WATCH “NEWSIES” TAHT IS AN ORDER.

My own interpretation on how Jack Kelly looks :)

My own interpretation on how Jack Kelly looks 🙂

P.S if Corey Cott ever becomes single again…hands off, he’ll be mine 😛




My 21st birthday :C I feel old…but it’s okay C:

25 May

Helluuu! Thursday(23rd of May) was my 21st birthday! 21 is kind of a big deal here in the US because you are finally allowed to drink alcohol(legally anyway)! So, all my friends were really excited about this, but when the day came all of them sort of forgot their big plans of getting me drunk, which I was quite pleased to discover XD I chose to spend the day in quiet surroundings at my calmer friends’ apartment. M&M&L cooked me dinner (Norwegian porridge XD) and brownies, and we had a lovely little birthday party ❤

here is a picture of what a 21 year old Marianne looks like after a day at work on her birthday: greasy hair, no makeup, bad skin, but loving life ;B Alles gut 😀


I also, VERY unexpectedly I might add, received several little birthday presents from my roomies and friends ^-^(awwww…) From my Thai-roomie, J, I got chocolate pudding for breakfast ❤


There’s NO way to make chocolate pudding look tasty, but I tried :B

From my Thai-roomie, N, I received a ummm…I’ll just incert the picture ‘cus I don’t know how to describe it…but it was very nice, and from Thailand! 😀 It’s something with pockets to hang on your wall ^-^

Image nImage

From my Thai-roomie, T, I got a…drumroll….Life-size Harry Styles poster ❤ I’ve finally got a boyfriend! A paper one…forever alone…

 I also got a leaving present from her it was very cute:


From my last Thai-roomie I got a Mickey mouse Fantasmic key-ring from where she’s been working so that I’ll think of her whenever I visit HS 😀


I also got a present from my friend, C, who i work with, it was lovely thank you! A silver ring and Norwegian chocolate 😀 YUM!

Image(it melted a little on the way home, howwever it tasted just fine after an hour in the fridge ;P

Other than that I was showered in birthday greetings on FB so I feel very loved, thanks everyone 😀 Had a very nice day indeed! ❤



May. 17th! Happy Birthday Norway! :D

19 May

Two days ago was Norway’s 199th constitution day, where we celebrate our independence as a country. It was May 17th in 1814 that we finally got our own constitution and we were no longer ruled by Sweden or Denmark. I was working that day of course, however I got off fairly early (quarter past five) so I had time to eat ice cream 😀 It is sort of an unwritten rule that the children can eat as much ice-cream as they want between sunrise and sunset on this day. So as I was celebrating in an amusement-park, there were lots of other Norwegians there, that were visiting that day, some of them were very drunk -__-” May 17th is not for getting hammered! It is for family and friends and ice-cream and fun! You can have a beer or a glass of champagne. but leave it at that please 😀 Anywhoooo… Here is a picture from the celebration room that work set up for us :


Blowing Bubbles

15 May


photo (22)Today one of my friends form last years Design&Fashion class sent me a link on facebook. It was for the blog of Esra Røise a REALLY good freelance illustrator. I love her style, however I saw her kind of style somewhere else first, some illustrations by Caroline Andrieu. They look kind of alike, but I might like Andrieu a little better, purely because I found her first ^-^ Anyway. I’ve wanted to try out this style for a while now, so here is my attempt at a Andrieu/Røise picture C: Hope you like ❤


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