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9 Oct

Here are some pictures I took this past week, and a poem I wrote, Hope you like it ❤



Rain on my face, puddles on pebbled paths, fresh air and earthy smell.
Colourful leaves
Sound of rain and wind in the trees
Pitter patter on the roof
The sound of pages turning in a book

What has this got to do with procrastination? I’m writing a blog-entry rather than reading Geology :C Help me focus on studies please…anyone? (not mum, hehe)


Dog in the Hall

6 Oct

Dog in the Hall

My friend’s adorable dog had not had his night walk and was sulking in the hallway ❤ nothing to do w/anything but I had to share the cuteness 😉

2nd Procrastination idea:

4 Oct

Start a BLOG! It should be about something interesting…but it’s best if you write about something you KNOW. In my case it is hopeless because I don’t have anything interesting to share at the moment…so I settled for something I know…procrastination…also it is easy because it is everything. For example: Brew a cup of tea and drink it. image (31)

Tip 2: You can, like in the journal i showed you last time, write ANYTHING. Little problems or incidents from your day, share your hobby by writing tutorials, start an art blog to show your pictures or designs, or put up a series of progression pictures from a re-decorating project in your home. Third-hand clothing(re-design) maybe? or “How to do your make-up”, “Health and Exercise”… 😀 only your imagination is the limit! 😉

Knock yourself out and drop me a line so I can follow you and see what your procrastination blog-idea is 😉

1st tip on “How to Procrastinate”: Start a journal! :D

3 Oct


You might be thinking “I don’t know how to keep a journal, I always forget to write in it” or “I have nothing to write about”. That is what I’m here to help you with ;D You don’t have to “keep” a journal, this is more like filling a book with whatever crosses your mind. For example:

  • Begin by making an introduction on the first page. Should be something funny or personal. Mine says “If found, burn immediately” 
  • Feel free to decorate corners:
  • IMG_5213 (2)
  • Page 2: ‘~THIS IS ME’~ Write down all the personalia you can think of: Name, gender, age/date of birth, zodiac sign, single/married/engaged/”stuck with a frog/”waiting for damsel in distress“, occupation, place of birth, current residence, phone number, physiological traits: hair colour, height, freckles etc., best friends, meaning of your name and anything else you can think of.
  • The next pages you could fill with all your FAVOURITES: favourite place to live, hobby, TV-shows, films, musicals, animals, bands, fantasy realms, books, authors and SO ON!
  • Have more than ONE favourite in each category? No problemo! Add a couple “Top 10’s”: top 10 hottest male/female celebrities, top 10 best songs…
  • Dedicate a whole page to words that have to do with one subject only. I did “Words to do with Autumn”: leaves, chilly, acorns, rain, puddles, wellington boots…
  • Doodle all your favourite objects on a page:
  • IMG_5226 (2)

–  Fill a page with your favourite sayings, nursery rhymes, limericks, song lyrics or poems.

I chose the first stanza of William Blake’s poem:

     “Auguries of Innocence”

    ‘To see a world in a Grain of Sand

    And a heaven in a Wild Flower,

   Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

   And Eternity in an hour.’ 

  • write down your best and worst traits
  • Draw something you see around you
  • things you’re afraid of (very nice to put it on paper, they seem less scary somehow…not all of them though).
  • “In ten years I see myself…?” Running a circus? owning the Playboy Mansion? Being a mother?
  • Random thoughts
  • “If I could be anything, I would be…? An astronaut? Ninja-Pirate? Unicorn? Hogwarts Student? Time Lord? Pokemon Master? Iron Man?
  • Write down you BUCKET-LIST! SO MUCH FUN, and it makes it a lot easier to work towards accomplishing these goals when you see them in front of you! 😀
  • Lists about everything and nothing: ‘To do-list’, Names you’d give a cat, dog, child:
  • IMG_5211 (2)
  • Any guilty pleasures?: chocolate?, One Direction (me), daydreaming about the one you can’t have? Stealing your room mates’ food and see if they notice?
  • Take the journal EVERYWHERE, also when you eat. “OOOPS, spilled something!” well, great! turn it into something cool:IMG_5218 (2)   (tea monsters)
  • Want to make it educational? Dedicate a page to something you’re studying i.e plants and trees: IMG_5219 (2)
  • Someone gave you something? If possible, glue it in and write a few words about the incident :Untitled
  • Add something creative like a double slider pocket 😀 (It’s something you use in scrap-booking, just ‘Google’ it ;P)
  • Create an O.C (Original Character) and write a SHORT story of their adventure 😀 (or elaborate on the story and character = great procrastination AND who knows, maybe you’ll become an author/ess?)
  • if you have cinema tickets, check from a cool store or restaurant, photo booth pictures or Polaroids? put it all in the journal using glue or nice paper clips:
  • avengers

As you can see there are ENDLESS opportunities and a lot of procrastination time in starting a journal. Especially if you, like me, finish the whole thing in two weeks 😛

Alright…that was my first tip on “HOW TO PROCRASTINATE”

Now go forth and prosper buy a journal!

I’m Back :D

2 Oct

Helloooo! First of all…LONG TIME NO SEE! Second, now that my stay in Disney is over and done with I have returned to the Mother Land (Norway) and my blog will form now on have a new purpose. I am now a full time student at UMB (Norways Uniersity of Environmental and Biological Knowledge(or something along those lines XD)) I’m studying Landscape architecture and so far I’m enjoying it, particularily the Geology course 😀

As I said the blog will now have a different purpose, it will still be updated with my day-to-day activities, but also HOW i procrastinate, and tips about: “how to get RID of the guilt of procrastinating” and “how NOT to procrastinate”(which i’ll hopefully learn something from myself). So I’m back, however not in black, but in all the colours of a garden and I’ll kick off with a video illustrating my class’ “Temporary Park” our contribution for “Park(ing) Day” To find out more about “Park(ing) Day” follow this link —> C: Our park was allowed to stay for a week before we took it down so we sort of extended the “Day” a little 😉 Without further ado:

Parking in Moss from Hans Christian Egeland on Vimeo.

  (hope it works) Also here’s a picture: IMG_1818

Took about 6 hours to build it 🙂 Turned out quite nice if you ask me 😀

Going to…NYC!

8 May
Okay! SO May 23rd is my 21st birthday, and as a present to myself I get to go to New York with my BFF for four days! It will (hopefully) be as awesome as I think it will be, and I just wanted to tell someone what I want to do, and so I chose you guys! Maybe you also have suggestions, if so, please comment (just keep in mind that I only have four days and I’m going to be a proper tourist) I just hope everything works out NYC is HUGE and I just hope I get to see everything I want to…and hope I don’t get lost…

Here is a list of what I would like to do:

:bulletred: Have a coffee and a danish outside of Tiffany’s (AKA Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

:bulletorange: Eat frozen yogurt at the Met-steps (like in Gossip Girl)

:bulletyellow: Sightseeing: the Metropolitan Museum, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, Grand Central Station

:bulletgreen: Already bought tickets to “Newsies” on Broadway :heart:

So many boysssss…

:bulletblue: 5th Ave (Obviously)

:bulletpurple: Anyone know any good vintage stores in NY?

:bulletpink: Central Park

And… now we have to wait and see :B pictures WILL be up as soon as I’m back from NYC… in approximately 21 days C:

Starlit Splash and Pirates :D

3 May

Yesterday I went to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon for the cast members’ Starlit Splash Party! I was a little skeptic at first, as I don’t really like big crowds, especially crowds of strangers, but I had a blast! ❤ We had the park all to ourselves from 7pm-12pm and there was free food, drink, ice-cream, popcorn and crisps + a surprisingly good DJ and to say that the mood was good would be a major understatement. The highlight of the evening for me was without a doubt when the pirates invaded the beach. I LOVE PIRATES! Pirates VS Ninjas…sorry ninjas you don’t stand a chance against the awesomeness of pirates ;P Anywhooo I’m really glad I went as this was by far the most fun I’ve had since I got here, which was 6 months two days ago. They were also giving out free stuff, so I got an eye-patch and a pirate bandana so all is great ❤  Here’s a picture of one of the Pirates:

946245_10151417006547113_1589903837_n (1)

and one of me and wee Claire 😀

943479_10151417006287113_1513148333_n (1)

So, yeah! Had a blast ;P


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